The fischer threaded rod with chamfer

Anchor rod RG M

The fischer anchor rod RG M is a system component for use with the fischer resin capsules RSB and RM II and the fischer injection mortars FIS SB, FIS EM, FIS EB, FIS V, FIS VL, FIS P Plus, FIS P, and FIS Green. Due to the oblique edge, it is particularly suitable for use with the resin capsules RSB and RM II. The extensive assortment in diameters M8 - M30 and in different steel grades enables extremely diverse applications. The system is particularly suitable for the cost-effective fixation of railings, steelwork constructions, and advertising systems both inside and outside. The RG M is set with the bonded anchor setting tool and a hammer drill using rotating and hitting motions. During the resin capsule setting process, the capsules are destroyed by the characteristic oblique edge and are mixed, and the mortar is activated. The approvals of the various resin capsules and injection mortars must be observed.
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