Retaining disc without screw DHT

Polyamide support disc Ø 50 mm in combination with 4.5 – 5mm screws.

Polyamide support discs with a plastic plug for fixing pressure-resistant insulation panels with screws (wood, chipboard or self-drilling screws). The interaction of insulation support and screw guarantees an optimum fixing of pressure-resistant insulation boards. The two different shaft lengths allow the right fixing solution.

Описание на продукта

  • Flexible use thanks to the individual screw insert

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Намерен(и)1 вариант(и) на продукта

Арт. № 042091

500 [pcs.]


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Инструкция за монтаж

  • With a suitable screw, the support disc is screwed directly through the insulation board into the subsurface.
  • To improve thermal insulation and avoid corrosion damage, the screw-hole is sealed with the plastic plug provided.
  • The required screw length is calculated as follows: Thickness of insulation to be fixed + Required embedment depth of the shaft length from the disc