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fischer PowerFast II FPF II CTP 3.5 x 35 BC 200 countersunk head TX star recess partial thread blue zinc plated

The chipboard screw with countersunk head, TX star recess socket and partial thread.

Арт. № 670081
Top Features
  • The increased thread pitch significantly reduces the installation time.
  • The three ribs on the tip, ensure a quick bite and pre-drilling.
  • The shank-miller in combination with the core-miller geometry is designed to reduce the installation torque.
  • The PowerFast II is suitable for use with fischer plugs (E.g DuoPower and UX) and recommended loads.

Описание на продукта

The fischer chipboard screw PowerFast FPF II CTP is a blue passivated zinc plating screw with a countersunk head, TX star recess socket and partial thread. The countersunk head with TX star recess drive guarantees top force transmission with maximum bit stability for flush screwing operations. The partial thread also enables the firm attachment of wooden elements to each other. The screw is suitable for fixing load-bearing components in coated wood, hardwood, softwood, and timber connections.
  • The screw geometry of the PowerFast II enables fast applications.
  • Installation is easy, comfortable and flexible.
  • The chipboard screw has significantly reduced splitting behavior in comparison with standard chipboard screws.
  • The PowerFast II with high performance wax coating reduces screw-in torque and allows smooth installation.
  • The blue passivated zinc plating does not contain chrome VI and is therefore environmentally friendly.

Приложение и разрешение

  • For use in load-bearing wooden constructions, for the connection of solid wood parts as well as glued laminated timber, cross laminated timber, etc.
  • For metal parts to wood, e.g. metal fittings, angles, beam shoes and other metal and wood connections.
  • Suitable for use with fischer plugs and recommended loads.
Building materials
  • Solid wood parts (soft wood and hard wood)
  • Glued-laminated timber
  • Cross-laminated timber
  • Veneer laminated timber
  • Similar glued wood components and woodbased panels
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  • ETA-19/0175
  • DoP No. W0009
  • Report No. 201811-0081:2021
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Инструкция за монтаж

  • Screws with partial threads can lock wood parts into place by tightening them against each other.
  • Screws with countersunk head can be flush mounted with the wood.

Технически данни

Технически данни

Diameter 3.5 [mm]
Length 35 [mm]
Drive TX20
Thread length 24 [mm]
Packaging Folding box
Amount 200 [pcs.]
GTIN (EAN-Code) 4048962369397
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Заглавие Тип Създаден Валиден до
ETA Certification Document (PDF, 3 MB) European Technical Assessment for fischer Power-Fast II screws - Screws for use in timber constructions ETA-19/0175 9.8.2021 г.
DOP - Declaration of Performance (PDF, 3 MB) Declaration of Performance for fischer PowerFast II screws DoP No. W0009 16.8.2021 г.
Test Certificate (PDF, 492 KB) Report about the use of Torque Impact Screw Driver to screw-in "fischer POWER-FAST II screws" according to ETA-19/0175 Report No. 201811-0081:2021 10.5.2021 г.